Why I Recommend the Nook Ebook Reader

If you are like most people, when looking for a new product you read reviews on web sites or blogs. I have read quite a few comparing ebook readers. Some are good and some contain wrong information or withhold information.

I did comparisons by viewing both written and video reviews. I chose the Nook for several reasons and after using it for six months I can look back and say I made the right choice.

EPUB Format

This is one of the strongest reason to use a Nook, Sony, Kobo or other readers that can display books in the EPUB format. Kindle is an exception. With EPUB, you can purchase an ebook from anyone who sells them and display them on any device that reads them.

For instance, if you have a Nook and buy an ebook from Borders, the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software can be used to transfer the ebook to the Nook or vice-versa.

An important point about EPUB ebook readers. If you buy an ebook in EPUB format, you are not tied down to one reader. You switch from one to another and take your entire library with you.

Library Ebooks

Library ebooks are in EPUB format. Many people who read a lot of books, including ebooks, get them from their public library. Only devices that read EPUBs can view them and are transferred to a device using ADE. So, again, Kindle is an exception.

Barnes and Noble LendMe Feature

Ebooks can be loaned one time to one person for 14 days. I discovered one site where you can search for books people are willing to lend. The site will send the email address of the person who is lending so that you can contact them to lend you the book through the Barnes and Nobles LendMe feature.

More In Store

This feature allows you to download free content to the Nook, through Wi-Fi, when visiting a Barnes and Noble store.

Read In Store

All two million Nook Books are available to read in the Barnes and Noble stores. When you bring your device to a store, it will connect via Wi-Fi. Then you can read any Nook Book for an hour per day.

Whichever ebook reader you choose, research first. Look at the features on the sellers web sites. Look at issues in their official forums. Go to one of the stores that sell the devices and give them a test drive. I am happy with my choice. I hope you will be equally happy with yours.

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